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Dr. Williams has the following academic speaking engagements. Given the current health climate virtual platforms are utilized.

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Dr. Williams assists in the development of the pediatric surgical track along with others. She is on the scientific conference committee and remains one of the pediatric section editors for the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery (JFAS).

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ACFAS Clubfoot and Vertical Talus USA Course

 This course is hosted by ACFAS in Tampa 2024. Skilled instructors will be hosting a course with presentations on clubfoot, vertical talus, and congenital deformity correction. Instructors will then teach a hands on casting course with emphasis on the Ponseti method and the Dobbs method. Course developed by Mitzi Williams and Matthew Dobbs

This course promotes mentorship.

Registration coming soon and space is limited

Books Coming Soon!

Available August 2023

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Podiatry Institute

Dr. Williams is Scientific Co-Chairperson for the San Diego Podiatry Institute meeting. This covers it all! Tracks include elective surgery, scientific innovations, trauma, pediatrics, reconstruction and general in office procedures.

Dr Williams has also played an integral role in other Podiatry institute seminars.

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American College of Foot and Ankle Pediatrics

This conference is dedicated to pediatrics. Excellent speakers with incredible expertise will be present. One of the most engaging conferences.

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